May 2019 10

Hi Everyone, go to and check out his New Release, Stephen Street Sessions VOL 1

Written, Recorded and Mixed by Geordie Austen at his studio Stephen Street Shelter and Mastered here at These Outer Spaces.

Great Record!!!… Check it out!!!

May 2019 09


May 2019 09
    Good Morning!!! New release from Geordie Austen. The Stephen Street Sessions Vol 1. which I was delighted to master. Amazing songs!!!

May 2019 08

Oh so good to be back after a long pause… Let your day be full of Music, Blessings, and LOVE!!! And if you need, the Bach Concerto in A Major might help.

May 2019 07

Happy May 2019 Everyone! :) Looking fwd to a beautiful summer and exiting new projects. Haven’t been here in a while but glad to be back. Check out the amazing release Flowering Future from Graham Brice (def check it out!). Find Graham on Bandcamp Today:)