Mar 2017 09

Music for creative Content. Select clips. Music for Droga5, Bustle Studios, Razor Productions, Digitas, Motorola, Pillsbury, Smucker’s, American Express, Sam’s Club, Pitney Bowes……… View Reel on youtube here –

Feb 2017 15

Some great projects so far this year. Composing – Bustle Studios, Razor Prod., Pillsbury, Smuckers. Music Production – No Valentine, David Depietro, Geordie Austen.

Mar 2016 13

More amazing She Whispers Thunder Tracks, Geordie Austen and the Honey Pulls (going to be a fantastic record), some Podcasts (editing and scoring), my old friends Marzipan, and some mixes of live performances from various artists and agencies!!! One hell of a month and loving every second of it!!! Max

Feb 2016 21

Alright! She Whispers Thunder’s first release ready to be sent out for mastering! What a fun production. Thanks to Tobias Ralph (Adrian Belew, Screaming Headless Torsos, Lauryn Hill) and Ian Kramer (The Pioneers of Seduction, Elvis 77 and A Devil’s Broadcast) on drum session. Yours truly on bass and keys. Yes I love getting to play on tracks I engineer/mix/produce!!! Ha!!! Though, I seriously see wireless headphones in my near future:{) Love, Max

Jan 2016 25

Last year was loaded with tons of mixing and engineering. Highlights: Trevor Exter’s live recording at the Foundry and the eventual mix/master. It is stunningly good. Some music for ads which is always fun to do. Also the Shapiro Jazz Ens. which is something I’ve been excited to do, since I mostly work in Rock/Pop/Punk/Alt. Country. Nice to work with a band consisting of over 25 members, was such a blast. It sounds amazing and excited for it’s release. 2016 projects so far in Jan is the fantastic record for Geordie Austen which is for the most part almost entirely tracked. Also the new band She Whispers Thunder which is difficult to categorize so I guess you will have to hear it to make your own judgment. All I want to say about it is that, it’s fantastical… sonically and harmonically. Both of these recordings should be completely finished by end of Feb. Alright, Happy New Year everyone!!! Love, Max

Nov 2015 12

Some great records about to be released before the winter time!!! A ton of mixing… and some really fun commercial spots! All great work. Blessed. Love, Max

Jun 2015 04

Wow I realize I have neglected this site for far too long. What’s been going on? Everything!!! Incredible recording sessions. Great mixes. Three commercial spots for Pitney Bowes. Everything!!! I will try to stay loyal to my posts from here on out!!! Max

Sep 2014 17

Woke up to an article on Sonic Scoop about Sylvana Joyce & The Moment’s single and my studio These Outer Spaces Studio. Check it out!!!

Shout Out To Myself
Sep 2014 15

What do I do when I take breaks from working on records…? Well, I work on my own records. Ha! Just finished a new EP, I Want You But I’m Lazy. Check it out here:
Also a new 7″ will be released on Scenic Presents Records. These people are terrific and I’m very happy that they want to release it. Come out Tuesday night Sept. 16 to the Grand Victory (Williamsburg) to see Max Low and Electric Lights!!! See you soon, Max

Sep 2014 07

Well I haven’t had a whole lot of time to hit the beach or anything like that this summer!!! Ha!!! But that’s alright!!! Fantastic artists this summer. Everything I’ve had the opportunity to work on so far… has been simply amazing to say the least!!! Grateful to get to work with such talented people. Love, Max

Sylvana Joyce and the Moment “Rosie”
Aug 2014 24

The new Sylvana Joyce and the Moment single “Rosie” released!!! Had a wonderful time engineering and producing this single. We are currently in the process of a full length. Check out Rosie here:

Aug 2014 14

This was fun. A phone call from Michael Matasci talking about music for a Happening!!! He eventually came to studio with a 16 bar phrase of music that was to be looped for an art opening. We brainstormed and made it come to life. We created a 16bar loop that slowly morphed into different sonic landscapes as the piece unfolded for 48 min. and eventually repeated. All realtime automation!!! So interesting.

Aug 2014 03

She Whispers Thunder, the latest full length from David Depoet is finished. These were some early sessions fueled by a lot of coffee, thank you Spina and Brooklyn Label and of course Keurig. Ha!!! We had a great time working together. David is an amazing songwriter and flooded my mail box with demos. Every song he sent me was incredible and I knew immediately this was going to be a fantastic project to work on! It came together very quickly! I was happy to recruit Joe Lambert to do the final mastering. He is a great mastering engineer and it is always a pleasure to work with him.

Janna Pelle’s Key Change
Jul 2014 20

Working on the latest Janna Pelle record Key Change. What a fantastic concept. We’ve been all over NY Tracking Harpsichords in Park Slope, Harps at Julliard, but don’t let this full you, it is very much a modern pop record. Excited to be working on this record. Rhythm section nailing it here in the studio and then running around the city with microphones and field recorders. Never a boring day!!! Love it!!!

Jul 2014 10

Finished up mixing new Wild White for their upcoming 7″. This was a blast!!! Had a great time engineering the session, and now mixing. These guys are a lot of fun!!! Seriously!!! Can’t wait to hear it back on vinyl. It’s going to sound fantastic!

Jun 2014 28

Been a fantastic couple of months. Haven’t had time to keep up with posts. Editing for a television pilot, Engineering and/or some really amazing bands and songwriters (So many to mention) (Will try to keep updating posts for artists new releases), Mixing a couple of live concerts and some exciting jobs lined up for the next two months so far. I’m sure a bunch of other things I can’t remember at the moment. It’s been a whirlwind of a year in the best possible sense of the word. Love, Max

Apr 2014 29

Been an incredible month. Truly great writers and musicians coming in and out this door everyday. Some of them meeting in the process. Some of them I’ve been hiring for other sessions. Some really great records on the way!!! Stay tuned!!! Max

Mar 2014 10

Wow, have not had a whole lot of time to post. What’s going on? Everything. These past couple months, Janna Pelle, Jana DeBusk, David Depoet, Wild White, Steph Demar, and a whole lot more which I will mention soon!!! A lot of records that will be released soon!!! Can’t post them till they are released obviously. Stay tuned!!! Love, Max

Nov 2013 26

November has been so busy I haven’t had much of a chance to update at all. Anyway, Great recordings to be released soon. Lots of engineering/producing, Can’t wait, Jana DeBusk, Steph Demar, Janna Pelle, Present Productions. Some commercial/advertising music, and teaching theory/composition to some really awesome students. Interesting that half of my students are actually studio engineers themselves. That makes it even more fun for me!!! See you in December. Love, Max

Max Low – Natural Disaster (New Record)
Oct 2013 17

Hi Everyone!!! I released a new record titled Natural Disaster!!! CMJ Showcase was fantastic!!! Thanks to all of you for coming out and making it happen!!! Would like to thank my band Electric Lights for being So Amazing!!! Special Thanks to Scenic Presents NY and The Grand Victory!!! Love, Max
If you would like a copy of the record… well you know how to get a hold of me.