Bronwen Sings to the City
Aug 2011 04

Bronwen Exter came in to sing this beautiful song. When she sent me the demo, I immediately ran to the studio and started tracking the instruments. Rachel McIntosh lent a hand on backing vocals.

New Remix for Niabi “End Up On Fire”
Apr 2012 17

When I first heard the original track, I loved it! So much that I wished there was more than one version of it. For Example… A DANCE TRACK!!! So here it is.

To hear Niabi’s record Forest Fires click here

Jan 2013 28

Low Voltage

Posted In Raves

Hi Everyone, I recorded a cover of one of my favorite AC/DC songs, What Do You Do For Money Honey. Enjoy, Max Low

Jingles-Film Scores-Television
Feb 2013 25

Visit the new music library for Jingles-Film Scores-Television

Jana and the Bailout Boys
Jun 2013 07

These Outer Spaces is pleased to have Jana and the Bailout Boys. I’m delighted to be Recording/Mixing their new record before they head out for tour!!! It’s going to be an incredible record!!! It already is.

MC Breath Remix!!!
Jun 2013 11

Remix of MC Breath with Lemon Cookie of Runny at These Outer Spaces!!! Coming soon!!! It’s Super Heavy!!! Yes!!!

Jana and the Bailout Boys “Release”
Jun 2013 15

Yes!!! Jana and the Bailout Boys record is officially completed. They already got airplay (and that was just the rough mix) and they are going on the road Next Week!!! Good luck to them. It was awesome having them in These Outer Spaces. Oh yeah and it’s the first time I ever miked a left handed drum kit. And it Rocks!!! Check out their new record “Release”. They are going to sell a million copies. I know it!!!

Steph Demar, Tracking in Studio!!!
Oct 2013 02

Tracking Steph Demars first offical release!!! This is going to be an Amazing record!!! The production is going great. Love, Max