Jan 2016 25

Last year was loaded with tons of mixing and engineering. Highlights: Trevor Exter’s live recording at the Foundry and the eventual mix/master. It is stunningly good. Some music for ads which is always fun to do. Also the Shapiro Jazz Ens. which is something I’ve been excited to do, since I mostly work in Rock/Pop/Punk/Alt. Country. Nice to work with a band consisting of over 25 members, was such a blast. It sounds amazing and excited for it’s release. 2016 projects so far in Jan is the fantastic record for Geordie Austen which is for the most part almost entirely tracked. Also the new band She Whispers Thunder which is difficult to categorize so I guess you will have to hear it to make your own judgment. All I want to say about it is that, it’s fantastical… sonically and harmonically. Both of these recordings should be completely finished by end of Feb. Alright, Happy New Year everyone!!! Love, Max