I am Max.
I’ve always loved recording sound. My first experience with recording was when I was about eight yrs. old, My mother bought me a little black cassette recorder, the kind with one speaker and a small handle like in school. I carried it everywhere and when I was in the car with my parents, I would hold it up to the dashboard speaker and record songs from the radio, stuff like Fleetwood Mac or whatever was playing. I would tell them not to talk so I could get it to tape and listen back later. I was a weird kid but I was fascinated with listening back to things that happened at a specific time. It was like magic.

When I was a bit older, my neighbor’s older brother started lending me records. I had been playing classical piano since I was very young and he was impressed by this, and obviously felt the need to corrupt the purity of that- Thank you Albert! But he kept lending me records like Todd Rundgren’s AWATS, and Zappa, things like that. Much different than the songs I heard in my parent’s car. They fascinated me! “Like wow, You can make records like this?” This made me want to record my own songs. I found a way to record on separate tape decks (my father was an audiophile and owned around four) and sync them up while bouncing down to a master cassette. It took a ton of blank cassette tapes! Of course, this was before I knew what a 4-track was.
To this day I can’t remember exactly how I did that, necessity I suppose.

Today, I still develop some of my best new ideas on a little 4-track tape machine. I recorded my first official album on a Studer 2-inch tape machine. I soon learned digital recording and began using Logic before it was an Apple product. Have been using it ever since. But this is just tech stuff. People have been making great records on all sorts of different media for many years. It’s the attitude and commitment that makes great records. That’s what I’ve learned.

When it comes to the actual music, my goal has always been to break down the boundaries of limitations of any one so-called genre, and write and record songs that make the entire world want to dance, sing, party, love, or whatever, and leave their preconceived inhibitions at the door. It’s a party and we are all invited. Everything else is just a distraction.