Production-Recording-Jingles-Film Score-Television-Mastering-And Rehearsal!!!

These Outer Spaces is a Unique, Creative place to make and record music.
We can write a song for your Product or your Project.
Help you write music for your Film, your Album or your Boyfriend.
We can help you record that song, finish that bridge, find your voice and make it great.

We take time with our artists. We understand that some of the best recordings are made through experimentation and pure excitement about the project…the process… and that’s what we pride ourselves on.

Just play guitar and sing a bit but wish you had more production? Call us. We love arranging and love performing as well. TOS can turn that track into something bigger than you might have imagined at first. We are just as excited as you are. We love music and we love creative exploration.
At TOS there is no reason to not be inspired, we make it easy… And FUN!!!

As it should… :)