Q. Why is your Studio Called These Outer Spaces?
A. Because I don’t comply with Gravity. It just keeps us down. TOS has no Gravity.

Q. What Makes TOS different? (from the rest of the recording studios in the ‘hood)
A. Honestly? This is a Creative Space, a place where you come to be inspired and record those inspirations. It’s not a medical lab or a dictation machine or field recorder. There are many studios available that will help you sound like your favorite Stooges record, which is fine, I love the Stooges, but here we encourage the search for YOUR sound. That’s our objective. We believe exploration is an important part of the process in the evolution of music, melodically and sonically.

Q. Why don’t you Have/Use (Insert Fancy-Sounding Gear or Software Here)
A. You can hear and feel Energy in a recording. It’s the excitement that makes a record sound great, not necessarily the microphone, not the compressor. Don’t believe me? There are numerous examples of this. Many of my favorite and most interesting records is an artist’s first record. You know? Before they had a budget to isolate every instrument and band member and completely screw up the vibe. There is no correct way to record. Every project is different.

Q. I’m a Songwriter I have a bunch of songs that I’ve written, and I’d like to record, but I don’t have a band. What do I do?
A. Good question. We have the equipment and we know how to use it. What you can’t do, we will.

Q. I want to write my Girlfriend a Birthday Song, but I only have a chorus…
A. Best question ever (laughter). I can get you to write that verse, believe me. I do it all the time. This is not a problem.

Q. I can write songs and play guitar, but I can’t sing…
A. Of course you can sing. Singing is not necessarily about talking in perfect tune, or using that 3 1/2 octave range you heard in some musical. It’s about discovering the characteristics of your own voice and using that to your advantage. We all have a distinctive voice, kinda like a fingerprint, and that’s one of the things that makes us individually unique and keeps music interesting. We will help you find what’s interesting about your voice if you don’t already know. The part of your voice that sits best in your music.

Q. I can Sing, but I can’t play any instruments, can you help?
A. Go back three questions ago!